#8 Bordeaux

Innovation and funding of public services

Innovation and funding, two topics that are related in many ways. Administrations are innovating to simplify administrative procedures provided that the cost of the public service is also substantially reduced. For communities facing increasing financial pressure, innovating means imagining new revenue, reducing costs, or moving towards new sources of funding.

Above all, this meeting gave us the desire to permanently open up to the international sphere. The experiences presented were of great interest and our meetings allow us to briefly escape the pressures of our daily work and to take home new perspectives for the future.

The work of the OECD suggests that local investment is not only a means of urban development, but also a way of improving the overall well-being of our citizens. This is quite stimulating, especially since some of the presentations reminded us that innovation works mostly from the bottom up and not from the top down.

Agence France Locale is a perfect example of this, since it was created by local authorities for local authorities, largely inspired by a model that has long been proven in Sweden, and without expecting anything from the State. It is through this type of bottom up movement, open to the world, that public service can become flexible and resilient.

The meetings of the BEST network operate exactly on these principles and, in this sense, make a real contribution to innovation in our professions. Let’