#1 Nantes

Organization of local public services and their performance

What motivated Nantes to participate in launching the BEST network was the desire to bring together key players in local life, especially those involved in managing urban communities. I wanted to create a forum encouraging openness and critical thinking to move beyond clichés and the overbeaten path of other existing networks. Seeing examples from elsewhere, in this case from other European cities, will help move our vision of the world forward.

Deputy Chief Executive of the City of Nantes and Nantes Metropole, Director of Finance



Comparison of countries participating in the seminar
Comparison of basic data on the countries participating in the seminar and the EU, their administrative and institutional organization, and the management methods they use to perform their missions.
> Christian Gauffin, meeting coordinator and facilitator

Local public governance
The Stockholm governance system.
> Carl Cederschiöld, former Mayor of the City of Stockholm, President of the Swedish Federation of Municipal Companies

Methods of managing local public services

> Rainer Plassmann, Director of Personnel and Local Public Service Policies for Stadtwerke Köln

> Léone Goutany, Deputy Chief Executive of the City of Rennes, Director of Finance and Management Control

Local public water companies in Spain
Comparative analysis of water and sanitation management.
> Carlos Rodriguez-Ferrer, Secretary-General of ELIGE (the Spanish Federation of Local Public Companies).

Diverse management methods at Nantes Metropole
The example of water and sanitation.
> Philippe Marest, Deputy Chief Executive of Nantes Metropole, Director of the Environment and Urban Services

The quest for performance in public service

Nantes Metropole and the City of Nantes
Internal performance contracts and similar controls for Local Public Companies (SPLs) /Local Public Development Companies (SPLAs)
> Stéphane Barranger, Director of Cost Control at Nantes Metropole

The Grenoble Urban Community
Context, organization and aims for strategic management and assessment of public policy
> Corine Desbos, Director of Operations and Assessment
Control of satellite entities
> Jean Christophe Redon, External Management Project Director at the department of Finance and Cost Control

Performance and the meaning of public action
> Jean-Michel Chapet, Professor of Management, former Chief Executive at Seine-Saint-Denis County


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