#15 Marseille

Metropolises facing the challenges of territorial cohesion and administrative simplification

The economic and environmental crisis accentuates the difficulties of the medium-sized cities and the peri-urban or rural territories, widening the gap between these territories and the metropolises. Should we attribute some responsibility to these? How to better spread the benefits of the dynamics of the metropolises? Is merging with the departmental councils a solution? The meeting provided a beginning of answer, highlighting the need for contextual, differentiated and agile approaches.

We have entered the “century of metropolises”, not following a single path, but through various paths that allow us to adapt our action to very different contexts. The history of the construction of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis shows it sufficiently, since it is a specific law that allowed its birth, but also because our metropolis is in many ways atypical.

A legislative framework is of course necessary if we want the cities to play their role in the cohesion of the territory, or rather of the territories. But the law cannot foresee all the situations, present or future, that we are and will be confronted with. The perfect ordering, and especially uniform, systematic, of the local functions and competences at the different levels does not appear any more like an obligatory passage of efficiency.

I am particularly pleased that the BEST meeting in Marseille has addressed the issue, for us on the agenda, of the merger between metropolises and their respective departmental council. Our highly fruitful discussions have shown that territorial cohesion and administrative simplification, although interlinked, do not necessarily follow the same terms and schedules.

It also shows that the power of self-organization, the use of forms of cooperation, the dynamics of the games of actors are fundamental. It is up to each metropolis to find the ways and means of its performance, while respecting territorial balances, inside and outside its institutional perimeter.

Jean-Claude GONDARD
Chief Executive of the services of the Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence and the city of Marseille


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