#2 Grenoble

Regional scenario planning and organization

This network offers a time for discussion and reflecting on how public policies are implemented. It is unique in the way it brings together local authority chief executives, which makes for very direct, very pertinent dialogue. We benefit from the experience of others on a variety of topics. It is a special time that takes us away from our everyday constraints and demands. This is a source of enrichment and an opportunity to gain perspective on our practices, thanks to the network’s connections across Europe.

Chief Executive of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole


Indicators, standards and regional scenario planning

Indicators used by Grenoble-Alpes Metropole
> Joris Benelle, Director of Operations and Assessment

Rennes Metropole’s indicators  
> Isabelle Le Chevallier, Head of the Foresight, Assessment and Sustainable Development department

The Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities (RFSC)
> Delphine Gaudart, European Project Manager at the Ministry of Regional Equality and Housing
> Koos Van Dijken, member of the Secretariat at RFSC

Stockholm, Vision 2030 for sustainable growth and development
> Gunnar Söderholm, Director of the City of Stockholm’s Environment department

The Bordeaux Urban Community’s regional scenario planning process
> Michel Vayssié, Chief Executive

Urban mobility

The City of Turin’s urban mobility plan and its reduced traffic zone
> Luisella Nigra, Head of Urban Mobility Management
> Stefano Cianchini, expert in urban traffic at the City of Turin’s Urban Mobility Planning department

Strasbourg’s western bypass project
> Bruno Jansem, Director of Mobility and Transport at Strasbourg Urban Community

Stockholm’s congestion charge system
> Gunnar Söderholm, Director of the City of Stockholm’s Environment department

Organization of internal and external services

The governance of the City of Grenoble’s semi-public companies (SEMs), Local Public Companies (SPLs) and public establishments
> Gilles Amaudric du Chaffaut, Chief Executive of the City of Grenoble

Pooling resources in Reims metropolitan area
> Olivier Nys, Chief Executive of the City of Reims and the metropolitan area

The Lyon metropolitan area’s territorial and organizational challenges
> Benoît Quignon, Chief Executive of Greater Lyon

Photo Mariusz Kucharczyk licence creative commons