The meeting organizer

Co-Founder of the BEST network along with Maxim Peter, Christian GAUFFIN designs, organizes and facilitates the meetings.

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His role, in close cooperation with the National Representative, the Chief Executive of the hosting authority and its teams, consists of:


  • Choosing the topics and aspects to be addressed
  • Identifying the most relevant potential speakers from France and Europe: chief executives or other directors from the public sector, academics, researchers, experts and others
  • Contacting the speakers and helping them prepare their presentations
  • Finalizing the detailed program
  • Helping with logistics

During the meetings

  • Facilitating the discussions
  • Ensuring the presentations go well
  • Special assistance for non-French speakers

About Christian Gauffin

A former civil servant in the central administration and in local government in Sweden, and now a consultant, Christian Gauffin is well versed in the operation of public services and local governance issues in many European countries.

For more than 30 years, he has been involved in developing European cooperation programs of public interest, missions in which his dual Franco-Swedish culture and his perfect command of English, German and Italian are valuable assets.

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