Activities and support

The network’s activities include meetings between members and guest contributors from national or international institutions, universities, research organizations and companies.

The meetings, one and a half days in length, take place in various cities around France at the invitation of a local authority. Since it was founded in 2012, BEST has met 23 times in 17 different cities.

The 23rd meeting took place in Grenoble in March 2022.

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Topics addressed at meetings

#23Transition: prospective scenarios and action plans
#22Metropolises and their academic system + Strategic management of human resources
#21New urban players and urban services
#20Long-standing crisis, sudden crisis : how to cope ? (video conference)
#19Covid-19: crisis management and recovery in local  territories
#18The challenges of the energy and ecological transition for territories
#17Brussels, un multi-faceted city-region
#16The making of the city : strategies and managerial challenges
#15Metropolises, territorial cohesion and administrative simplification
#13Urban mobilities
#12Social and region-wide inclusion of vulnerable populations
#10Local governance reforms: dynamics and repercussions
#9Human resources, cooperation and public policy
#8Innovation in the public sector, funding of public investment and administration
#7Large urban areas and regions in Europe: what kind of strategic partnerships can address regional changes?
#6Mergers and reorganization of local authorities: implications for management and social partners
#5Local governance
#4Public-private cooperation to serve local areas
#3The role of executives in large local authorities. Running and monitoring satellite entities. Managing water and sanitation
#2Scenario planning and sustainable cities
#1Public service performance


In 2017, the first meeting was held in a European city outside of France: Barcelona

#11 Seminar / tour on the topic of:
Organization and operation of the city and its satellites

In 2018, BEST went to COLOGNE, invited by the City and its holding Stadtwerke Köln

#14 Seminar / tour on the topic of:
Organisation, operation, achievements and futur challenges

In 2019, it is to BRUSSELS the BEST network went, invited by Brussels-Capital Region

#17 Seminar / tour on the topic of:
Organisation, operation, achievements and futur challenges

Host local authorities

Other support

Since its 11th meeting, BEST has received support from France Urbaine, a non-profit that federates French metropolitan areas, large combined urban authorities and cities.