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Jean-Claude GONDARD, Chief Executive of Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis and the City of Marseille, and Vincent FOUCHIER, Deputy Chief Executive in charge of the metropolitan project at the AMP Metropolis

Laurence QUINAUT, Chief Executive of Rennes Métropole and of the City of Rennes

Rochdi KHABAZI, Chief Executive of Brussels Local Authorities Administration within Brussels-Capital Region

Olivier PARCOT, Chief Executive of Nantes Métropole and of the City of Nantes

Pierre LAPLANE, Chief Executive of the Eurométropole and of the City of Strasbourg

Éric GRIGNARD, Chief Executive of the City of Villeurbanne

Olivier PORTIER, Economist, Consultant in territorial analysis

Hugo BÉVORT, Director of Strategies at the General Commission for Territorial Equality

Antti MOISIO, Economist, Policy Analyst at OECD

Jean-Bernard AUBY, Emeritus Professor of Public Law at Sciences Po Paris

Olivier NYS, Chief Executive of Lyon Métropole

Giovanni VETRITTO, Chief Executive of Casa Italia (at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Italy)

Luciano VANDELLI, Professor of Law at the University of Bologna